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About our Perfumes & Colognes
ROOT SOURCE INC., is pleased to introduce their exciting new collection of unique aromatic oils designed to please the nose and the pocket book. These exclusive oil combinations have been pain-stakingly formulated to create the finest and most natural of aromatic fragrance available on the market today. Our blends are designed not only to provide a beautiful bouquet of scents for the nose but also provide therapeutic benefits.

Each oil in our AROMA MASTERS Designer Series contains properties that are beneficial for the skin, especially those with sensitive skin. In addition, our oils are well know to work against depression thereby creating a sense of well-being from wearing them and breathing in the aroma throughout the day.

Each of the AROMA MASTERS fragrances are constructed and blended with only the purest and natural essential oils. All plants extracts are organically sourced where possible providing another level of purity to our fragrances.

Our aromatic creations contain no chemical synthetics or petroleum based products. Those who wear our fragrances and colognes are assured that absolutely NO Animal testing has been executed in the making of these fine fragrances. We also guarantee that these products contain No Animal By-products.

Our commitment to the purest of essences for our discerning clients make them perfect for those who suffer from allergies or those simply conscious about their over-all well being. In addition, because our aromatics are made with pure essential oils, you also receive the therapeutic benefits of the pure oils themselves.

An additional bonus when using AROMA MASTERS brands is the fact that they last 50% longer than any other leading perfume by major design houses and can cost 50% less that the leading brands. You win both ways – and its all natural! AROMA MASTERS guarantees that our quality and fragrance combinations are equal, if not superior to Mass Retail designer fragrances.

If you are not sure you will like the fragrance? AROMA MASTERS has found the solution. We currently offer a 1mL/.03 fl. oz. of your selection for the low cost of only $1.00 (USD plus applicable taxes and shipping). Even this small amount will last a long time and can be used as a refill size when you purchase the larger sizes.

AROMA MASTERS Designer Series contain 120-200 pure, organic essential oils, floral herbal and root extracts (oils are not de-fractionated).

The base oil is a derivative of cane, and is aromatic in order to obtain the perfect fragrance (secret ingredient).

De-natured alcohol derived from sugar (many of the popular brands contain ethyl alcohol).
A unique vegetable fixative is used to affix the essential aromatic oils to the skin thereby allowing the product to remain on the skin longer than most commercial brands.

Our aromatic and therapeutic oils are synthetic and chemical free.

No animal by-products. No animal testing. Cruelty Free.

All AROMA MASTERS creations comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Research Association) regulations regarding safety and are strictly adhered to.

The Brussels tariff code for the aromatic oils is 330290900000Y.

Caring for your products
Store in a cool, dark and dry place away from heat and light.
Keep bottles well sealed.
Keep out of reach of children and animals.

5-7 working days for product in stock
6-8 weeks for product not in stock.


Subject to change without notification.

Both men and women fragrances are available in the following formats:

1 mL SAMPLE: Clear glass vial with plastic stopper.

10mL Option one: A clear square shaped glass bottle with a sprayer application and white top.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging or larger sizes are available upon special request. Once you have tried and been convinced that you love our products, you may want to purchase you fragrance in larger sizes. We will make these available to you at special pricing. Please contact us to make this special request. [BUTTON to order page]

Pricing & Special Pricing
To order our AROMA MASTERS Designer Series, please click here [BUTTON] or refer to our ORDER PAGE.

Larger volume sizes are available. Please indicate on the order form you wish to discuss a ‘CUSTOM SIZE’ and we will gladly return your call to discuss pricing and quantities.


AROMA MASTERS’ Environmental Division has a mandate to create environments that are void of obnoxious odors and fill with pure essential oils for a fresher more health living environment. We are please to be the founders of ELIMINODOR: The Odor Exchange System.

This is truly a long lasting, revolutionary approach to a ‘clean and breathable environment’. AROMA MASTERS has created the only Odor Exchange System for all your environmental needs.


Eliminodor TM technology is the latest to combine the complexities of science and the subtly of nature. Eliminodor TM is a two-phase product.

Phase One of the Eliminodor TM product is to eradicate malodious odors from the air. This process is done with a complex combination of esters (a compound of acid and alcohol), key tones (a class of chemical compounds- the simplest being acetone), organically derived aldehydes (a volatile fluid with a suffocating smell, obtained from alcohol). These three compounds work in tandem to eliminate completely the vapors in the air that cause obnoxious odors.

Phase Two of Eliminodor TM is the infiltration of pure aromatherapy vapors into the air. These beneficial vapors replace the bad odors to deliver a healthy environment in which to enjoy.

Eliminodor TM represents the latest technology in the battle to eradicate obnoxious odors, which negatively effect your personal environment. No other product on the market can match the power and personal benefits offered by Eliminodor TM

How ELIMINODOR™ Technology works.
In today’s market there are plenty of products that work to eliminate bad and obnoxious odors. Unlike all of these ‘me-too’ products, Eliminodor TM goes one step further. Eliminodor TM has created the ODOR EXCHANGE SYSTEM. This exciting new discovery not only completely eliminates bad and malodorous compounds but also replaces these odors with the aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils such as Lemon Grass and Eucalyptus.

After eliminating the odors that offend the senses, Eliminodor TM imparts the aromatic benefits of pure, cold press essential oils into the air. Eliminodor TM has created two incredible new products that will change your ‘scent-ual’ environment to suit your mood.

Eliminodor TM with Lemon Grass essential oil is designed to keep you alert and stimulated. The pure vapors of Lemon Grass are well known to revitalize the senses and provide a sense of confidence and calm. Also know to fight off depression.

Eliminodor TM with Eucalyptus essential oil is designed to aid in the increased intake of oxygen. It stimulates the sinuses allowing greater depth of breathing. Eucalyptus is an essential oil that is well documented to have the aromatic ability to ease nausea making it a great companion for those who travel in cars and RV’s. In addition, this herbal tincture is a powerful oil containing antiviral and antiseptic properties.

Where to use ELIMINODOR™
Eliminodor TM is frequently used to eliminate offensive odors in the following applications: Cooking odors, cigarette and cigar smoke, washrooms, musty closets and basements, garbage containers, laundry rooms and hampers, rugs, carpets and draperies, pet litter boxes, nurseries and diaper pails, sports equipment and sport bags, smelly foot wear and anywhere else odor is a problem.

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