Global Positioning

ROOT SOURCE INC. Corporate Head Office is located in super natural British Columbia, Canada. The land of pure air, fresh water, rain forests and abundance of floral and fauna some of which are native only to BC and found no other place in the world. There is no doubt that British Columbia is a land of pristine nature and environmentally friendly people.

The City of Vancouver, host to the 2010 Winter Olympics is our center, but the world is our home. ROOT SOURCE INC. is dedicated to bringing you the finest services and products regardless of where you live or work. We have chosen this location because it affords us access to the vast multiculturalism that abides in Canada, in particular BC.

This microcosm of the world’s culture in one city affords us the ability to work, test and receive feedback on our products and services we offer. It also gives us an insight into the people and their specific culture needs and business practices.

With over 25 years of collective experience in dealing with clients and people throughout the world, we know ROOT SOURCE INC., will not only make you feel at home in dealing with us but also feel confident that what we do for you will excel your, and your markets, expectations.

The Company of the future

ROOT SOURCE INC. was established in the year 2002 by a group of industry leaders in the world of Cosmetics/Personal Care development, Private Label/Contract Packaging and Master Distribution/Sales/Marketing Solutions.

ROOT SOURCE INC. was formed to be a think-tank for natural and organic based product development. The products developed by ROOT SOURCE INC. are designed to be the next evolution of healthy alternatives to both internal and external product consumption.

ROOT SOURCE INC. specializes in the following products & services:

SKIN CARE for both Spa/Aesthetician Professionals and Consumer Retail (Professional, Mass & Health).
HAIR CARE for both Salon environments and Consumer Retail(Mass & Health).
ESSENTIAL OILS for aromatic and therapeutic use for mass consumption.
HAIR RESTORATION products for natural hair growth and prevention of hair loss.
VITAMIN & SUPPLEMENT PRODUCTS for natural health inside the human system.
BRANDING for corporate (Logos, Business Plans etc.) and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.
BROKERAGE AND CONSULTING in the fields of marketing, sales and distribution for products and corporations.

Each of these products & services are represented in:

Root Source In-House Brands
Private Label/Contract Packaging for outside clients including established and newly formed corporations.